Woodlyn, PA Funeral Home & Cremation

Funeral Home & Cremation in Woodlyn, PA

Funeral Home & Cremation in Woodlyn, PA

Woodlyn, PA is a census-designated place located in Ridley Township, Delaware County, fifteen miles southwest of Philadelphia in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Woodlyn, PA is bordered by Folsom, Ridley Park, and the city of Chester, which is the oldest city in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Woodlyn, PA has a population of around then thousand residents and a land area of about 2 square miles. The Woodlyn, area is the hometown of the famous American cartoonist George Trosley, who is known for his work in various publications such as CARtoons, a publication focused on automotive artwork and humor.

The Griffith Funeral Chapel has been here for Woodlyn, PA for over a hundred years, providing high-quality cremation and funeral home services.

Woodlyn Area Funeral Home Cremation Urns

Our funeral home has been providing funeral home and cremation services for families around the Woodlyn area for more than eight decades. We take great care to ensure that the residents of Woodlyn, PA have access to high-quality and affordable funeral homes services like cremation services and cremation urns. Cremations are done at one of the finest and cleanest cremation facilities in the Woodlyn, PA area.

Our wide range of funeral home services at The Griffith Funeral Chapel includes pre-planning and cremation urns, which are designed to be high quality and cost-effective. If you’re looking for funeral home services, cremation urns, or pre-planning in Woodlyn, PA, we’re here for you. Set up an appointment to learn more about the funeral services, cremation services, and cremation urns. One of our caring professionals can help you decide if our funeral home and cremation services are right for you.

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