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Funeral Home & Cremation in Swarthmore, PA

Funeral Home & Cremation in Swarthmore, PA

The borough of Swarthmore was originally a part of Springfield Township and grew around Swarthmore College. Swarthmore was originally called Westdale after the noted painter Benjamin West who was one of the early residents of the borough. The name was changed once Swarthmore College was established. One-third of the total of the borough’s land consists of the Swarthmore College campus. Many of the streets in the area were named after eastern colleges and many of the homes date back to the Victorian period through the 1920s. 

Swarthmore is located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The borough has an estimated population of around 6,100 residents as of the 2010 census. The borough has rich historical buildings and structures including Ogden House and Benjamin West Birthplace. 

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For the past eighty years, The Griffith Funeral Chapel has been providing affordable and professional funeral home and cremation services for those around the Swarthmore area. We use one of the cleanest cremation facilities in Swarthmore. The firm is quite proud to have a bereavement counselor on retainer and available to family members at no expense to them. These services may be particularly needed after a sudden loss or death of a child.

Our services here at The Griffith Funeral Chapel are designed with you in mind to reflect your standards, lifestyles, budget, and taste. We offer pre-planning and cremation services to the Swarthmore area.

We are here for you in Swarthmore for all your funeral home and cremation needs. Reach out to The Griffith Funeral Chapel when you are in need of cremation services, cremation urns, pre-planning, and other funeral home services. Call us to discuss our funeral home and cremation services with a caring professional.

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