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Funeral Home & Cremation in Springfield, PA

Funeral Home & Cremation in Springfield, PA

The area of Springfield was first settled by Quakers who arrived with William Penn. It was recognized as a government entity in 1686. Many of the streets in Springfield are named after prominent citizens such as Powell, Kennerly, Maris, Levis, and Thomas to name a few. Springfield is home to the Springfield Mall, which is a two-level mall and very popular amongst the locals. 

Springfield Township has an estimated population of around 24,200 residents as of the 2010 census. The township of Springfield is located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Some of the notable parks in the area include Veterans Memorial Park, Walsh Park, Rolling Green Park, and Elson Glen Park.

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Over the past eighty years, The Griffith Funeral Chapel has been servicing the Springfield area. We provide affordable and professional funeral home and cremation services for those going through this difficult time. Griffith Funeral Chapel understands that a sudden loss or a death of a child can be extremely tough to handle. We are proud to offer those in Springfield a bereavement counselor on retainer to help you or family members at no expense to them. We want to ease you through your loss. 

Each of our services here at Griffith Funeral Chapel was designed with you in mind to reflect your standards, tastes, lifestyles, and budget. We offer cremation urns with our cremation services and we use one of the cleanest cremation facilities in Springfield. We also offer pre-planning services for those who want to help their families through a very difficult time.

When you need funeral home services and cremation services in Springfield, reach out to Griffith Funeral Chapel. We offer services such as cremation urns for cremation and pre-planning services to prepare for these difficult times to those in Springfield. Call today to speak to a caring professional who can help you through your funeral home and cremation needs.

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