Ridley Township, PA Funeral Home & Cremation

Funeral Home & Cremation in Ridley Township, PA

Funeral Home & Cremation in Ridley Township, PA

Ridley Township, PA is a Delaware County area township in Pennsylvania. The Ridley Township area encompasses Folsom, Woodlyn, Crum Lynne, and Holmes, and has a population of over thirty thousand Ridley Township area residents. Named after a civil parish of the same name in Cheshire, England, Ridley Township, PA, the Ridley Township area’s roots trace all the way back to the end of the seventeenth century. Ridley Township, PA played a vital role in the American Revolutionary war.

The history of the Ridley Township area is long and storied and, here at Griffith Funeral Chapel, we’re proud to have taken part in it for the past eighty years. We hope that we can continue to provide funeral home services in Ridley Township for another eighty!

Ridley Township Funeral Home Cremation Urns

Over the past eighty years, The Griffith Funeral Chapel has been here in Ridley Township with affordable and professional funeral home and cremation services. After all these years, we hope to be able to continue to provide funeral home services and cremation services for those in Ridley Township, PA who are going through this difficult time. Griffith Funeral Chapel understands that a sudden loss or a death of a child can be extremely tough to handle and so we have a bereavement counselor on retainer to help you or family members at no expense in Ridley Township, PA.

It is our goal at Griffith Funeral Chapel that each of our funeral home services reflects your standards, tastes, lifestyles, and budget. We offer cremation urns with our cremation services and we use one of the cleanest cremation facilities in Ridley Township, PA. For those in the Ridley Township area who want to help their families through a very difficult time, we also offer pre-planning services.

For Ridley Township area cremation services and other funeral home services, we hope you’ll consider coming to us at Griffith Funeral Chapel. We’re here in Ridley Township, PA to provide cremation urns for cremation and pre-planning services to prepare for these difficult times to those in Ridley Township. Get in touch with us to speak to a caring professional who can help you with your funeral home and cremation needs in Ridley Township, PA.

Ridley Township Cremation Urns