Ridley Park, PA Funeral Home & Cremation

Funeral Home & Cremation in Ridley Park, PA

Funeral Home & Cremation in Ridley Park, PA

Ridley Park, PA is located in Delaware County area, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Today, the Ridley Park area is notably the home of the Boeing Company’s CH-47 Chinook helicopter division. There are currently more than seven thousand residents living within the Ridley Park, PA area. Originally, the Ridley Park, PA area was home to the Lenape Native Americans. Afterward, the land became occupied by European settlers who renamed the area “Ridley Park” after a town of the same name in England. The Ridley Park area has a rich colonial history. It played an important role in the American Revolutionary War.

We’re proud to have taken part in the rich history of the Ridley Park area the past eighty years and hope that we can continue to do so by providing funeral home services in Ridley Park for another eighty!

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Griffith Funeral Chapel, for eight decades, has been providing funeral home services for residents of the Ridley Park area. We take pride in providing funeral home services and cremation services that are professional and affordable. Griffith Funeral Chapel understands that a sudden loss or a death of a child can be extremely tough to handle and so we have a bereavement counselor on retainer to help you or family members at no expense in Ridley Park, PA.

We make it our top priority to ensure that our funeral home services, cremation services, and cremation urns are provided in a way that reflects your standards, tastes, lifestyles, and budget. Our cremation facility is one of the cleanest in the Ridley Park, PA area. And for those who are looking ahead, we also offer pre-planning services in the Ridley Park area.

Griffith Funeral Chapel is here for you in Ridley Park, PA with cremation urns, cremation services, pre-planning services, and other funeral home services in Ridley Park, PA. If you’d like to speak to a caring professional about your funeral home and cremation needs in Ridley Park, PA, reach out to Griffith Funeral Chapel in Ridley Park, PA.

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