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Morton, PA is a borough in the Delaware County area with a population of about twenty-seven hundred residents and a land area of less than half a square mile. The Morton area borders Springfield Township and Ridley Township. Morton, PA was named after John Morton, who was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. He cast the deciding vote for America’s independence from England.

The Morton, PA train station was built in the late nineteenth century as part of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The station is operational to this day as part of the SEPTA Regional Rail. Morton, PA is also notable for being the hometown of Mike Scioscia, a professional baseball player, and manager, who played in the Los Angeles Dodgers and managed the Los Angeles Angels.

Morton Area Funeral Home Cremation Urns

Designed with individuality in mind, our Morton area cremation and funeral home services are tailored to suit your standards, lifestyle, taste, and budget. Funeral home services like cremation urns and pre-planning are designed to conform to your needs and not the other way around.

The Griffith Funeral Chapel funeral home has been serving residents around the Morton area for a hundred years, providing cremation services that are held at the cleanest cremation facilities around the Morton area. We hope that by offering quality funeral home and cremation services, we can serve Morton, PA for another hundred.

As a long-standing funeral home around the Morton area, The Griffith Funeral Chapel is here for your cremation and funeral home needs in Morton, PA. Call The Griffith Funeral Chapel for cremation urns, cremation services, and to learn if we are the right funeral home for your needs in Morton, PA.

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