Delaware County, PA Funeral Home & Cremation

Funeral Home & Cremation in Delaware County, PA

Funeral Home & Cremation in Delaware County, PA

Delaware County, PA is the fifth most highly populated county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with a population of under six hundred thousand people. Before the mid 19th century, the county seat of the Delaware County area was Chester County. Today the Delaware County, PA county seat is Media. The Delaware County area was originally inhabited by Lenni-Lenape Native Americans. It was then settled by Swedish, Dutch, and English settlers in the first half of the seventeenth century.

Today Delaware County, PA is a large, moderately populated county. It is notably home to a number of universities and colleges such as Cabrini College, Cheyney University, Eastern University, and Swarthmore College, a private liberal arts college in Swarthmore dating back to the mid-nineteenth century.

Delaware County Area Funeral Home Cremation Urns

Our funeral home has been providing funeral home and cremation services for families around the Delaware County area for over 80 years. The Griffith Funeral Chapel takes great care to provide cremation services that are affordable and professional in Delaware County, PA. Cremations are done at one of the finest and cleanest cremation facilities in the Delaware County, PA area.

The Griffith Funeral Chapel offers a wide range of funeral home services, including pre-planning and cremation urns. Our pre-planning services and cremation services are designed to be high quality and cost-effective.

If you’re looking for funeral home services, cremation urns, or pre-planning in the Delaware County area, consider contacting The Griffith Funeral Chapel. Set up an appointment to discuss our funeral and cremation services with a caring professional.

Delaware County Area Cremation Urns