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Thank you for visiting the website for the Griffith Funeral Chapel. We have been serving the community for over 100 years and now we add this website to our list of family centered services.

We think you'll find your visit helpful, and hope you come back if we can be of service.

Horace B. Griffith, III


There are some very good reasons why you should consider pre-planning. Please call us at 610-586-2142 to set up an appointment with a caring professional.

Lofty Oaks

Griffith Funeral Chapel is proud to be an affiliate of the Lofty Oaks Association since 1989. For each service we conduct, we arrange to have a tree planted in Pennsylvania in memory of the deceased.

We are members of the following associations:

National Funeral
Directors Association



Recent Obituaries

Dorothy M. LaCrosse
d. May 21, 2016

Isabel D. Irvin
d. May 20, 2016

John Joseph Poole
d. May 3, 2016

Anastasia Banjock
d. April 21, 2016

Elsie Joan Spanier
d. April 20, 2016

Stefan Martin
d. April 8, 2016

Roy K. Acker
d. April 8, 2016

Nancy E. Gibson
d. March 30, 2016

Roger L. Gasslein
d. March 29, 2016

Florence N. Veacock
d. March 25, 2016

Rudolph F. Pearl
d. March 23, 2016

Roberta "Bobbe" Hart
d. March 15, 2016

John Conrad Worrell
d. March 14, 2016

Mary B. Jones
d. March 6, 2016

John J. Franco, Jr.
d. February 14, 2016

Dorothy Bartow
d. January 29, 2016

Geneva J. Taylor
d. January 28, 2016

Nancy Irene Stewart Zeuner
d. January 16, 2016

Jane Ann Smith
d. January 14, 2016

Carol L. Quinlan
d. January 8, 2016

Rita Petrocelli Tucci
d. December 28, 2015

Anna S. Powers Dahms
d. December 27, 2015

Frank C. George
d. December 13, 2015

Doris E. Klina
d. December 4, 2015

Geraldine "Gerri" Jackson
d. November 30, 2015

Lois Ash Bondarchuk
d. November 20, 2015

Robert M. Stewart
d. November 18, 2015

Kevin E. Trabbold
d. November 15, 2015

Harry M. Cake
d. October 31, 2015

Reginald M. Menna
d. October 27, 2015

Elaine Hinkel Shattuck
d. October 26, 2015

Elizabeth "Betty" Sides
d. October 24, 2015

Stephen E. Sleeper
d. October 22, 2015

William Bridge, Sr.
d. October 15, 2015

Margaret Hamilton Witmer
d. October 12, 2015



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